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Posted 3/26/2017 7:33pm by Richard Boutall.


Dear Friends,


Spring is upon us!  The gardeners and farmers are preparing for another season.  Lambing is in progress and calves are on the way all over Kentucky.  We welcomed piglets last month.  Every farm is welcoming new life and gearing up for these long awaited months of sunshine and plenty.  

Brookhill Farm was unknown to many four years ago. Richard arrived from Canada to farm in Kentucky surprising a few locals. Certain elements of European farming came with him and farmers were peaking around the fence posts to see how the British guy did things around here.  

Friendships were forged.  Harvest came and the grass quality improved with the management intensive grazing methods Richard employed.  This little farm was a recreational setting for twelve years before someone showed up wanting to farm it again.  The organic materials produced and methods used here provoked a good response from the soil.  Our experiment produced thicker greener pastures with better drought tolerance.   


Entering the fourth year of operation, Brookhill Farm can seek organic status. The Open Door Policy here was our own organic seal.  Many phoned asking for particulars and Richard would say, “Come out and have a ‘look-round’ and decide if my practices are organic by your standards.”  The farm tours began and people were pleased with what they found here: old fashioned and newer farming methods, limited tillage, maximum pasture utilization, and delicious high quality food.


The demand is great for nutritious food.  Real food.  Providing that food did not just keep Brookhill Farm alive.  It fed our souls too.  We believe in farming, living, and eating this way.  It is not a fad to us.  It is our way of being.  Unfortunately that way of being came with a price. 

When Richard rolled over his quad bike while racing down the hill to catch a lamb in year two, he was sore for a few weeks.  A few months later, he acquired another injury to his arm.  After that, a back injury meant intensive chiropractic work for a good six months. Late 2015, a torn muscle put Richard out of commission for six weeks.  These issues coupled with 20 years of work related body stress mean several surgeries are in his future.


As much as we love farming, it is time to dial things back.  Richard needs surgery and time to recover.  So, while we remain faithful followers of this way of life, we have decided to become homesteaders again not necessarily retail farmers.  We plan on selling our farm as homesteading can be accomplished on a much smaller acreage with great success.  If you come to visit once we move,  chickens will still greet you.  We are really in love with Dexter cattle so be looking for more news on that when we find a new place.  Pork will become a seasonal item with October/November processing only.  Our lovable rock band, Houston & The Ewes will be rocking out lamb chops in new fields.


This is a tough but necessary decision for us.  As we send this message, our hope is that one thing remains with all those who were faithful to purchase from us.  Brookhill Farm is a passion.  It is an ideology, a mantra, if you will.  It beats in our hearts.  Wherever we go, there will be another sign.  You might even see a farmer’s market stall with a banner again.  

For now, we will continue to go to market as we sell down our inventory.  Everyone has been so faithful and good to us.  We hope that you will pray for us as we enter a new chapter in our lives.  Stay tuned for updates and other announcements as we transition.  May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you today and always.


Warm Regards,



Richard and Tina Boutall


Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


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