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Back in stock!

Posted 7/15/2016 9:04am by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,


We hope you are enjoying the summer and not sweltering too much in the humidity.

So far this year we have managed to run out of stock for just about everything we have on the farm and we are very grateful to you for that! Some items that have been out for a few weeks are now back in stock and we wanted to let you know that they are here again.

Chicken: Chicken grill packs are back in stock! For those that are new to us these packs are some of the most popular items we do. They are an 8 piece cut up chicken in a vacuum pack ready for your grills, ovens or skillets - for those that like fried chicken. They simply save you the bother of cutting them up.

As well as these we have boneless skinless breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings in stock again. You know the drill, get em while they last!

Beef: Many of you have had the chance to try some of the first beef of the year and the feedback so far has been very positive. Tina and I actually sacrificed a couple of ribeyes for ourselves and we were pretty impressed with them. We still have some t-bones, ribeyes, sirloin steaks, flank and skirt steaks and chuck and arm roasts available so come and get them while they last. We have a limited amount of beef soup and marrow bones also available right now. We will be trying to get more beef butchered in the near future as the response has been so good this year at the stall. For those that are interested in whole, half or 1/4 steers we still have a few available and they can be butchered to your requirements. 

Lamb: The long requested ground lamb is back in stock! We still have some butchered cuts too and more butchered cuts will be ready for next week so we don't run out.

Pork: We have lots of pork in stock including chops, shoulder roasts, loin roasts, spare ribs (very meaty ones), ham steaks, sausages inc: Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Zesty Italian, Polish, Brats and Chorizo. We also have a good stock of bacon back in because you can never have too much Brookhill bacon! Just as a side note, for those that like to render lard we have a good stock of pork fat available, email us if you would like some brought to market as it takes up a lot of room but we would like to sell it so we dropped the price to $1.00/lb!

For those that like to buy our pork in whole, half or quarter packages we will be processing 7 pigs at the end of the month. Please let us know if you would like to reserve any. As usual you can choose how you would like it butchered but we need to know ahead of time so we can order it that way.


We have started bringing a selection of veggies to market now the season is here. They do vary with availability as our main focus is on the animals but we bring what we have and so far the response is good. All veggies are grown organically and never see a chemical or artificial fertilizer. Tina has done a wonderful job with the garden this year and the flavor in the produce is far superior to anything you can buy in the supermarket. All of them are Heirloom varieties and have no nasty GMO's in them. This week we will be bringing various squash, cucumbers, onions, green tomatoes, peppers, kale, and carrots.

We also have herbs in the garden but often we have brought them and didn't sell them all so this year we will bring them to order. If you would like a bunch of herbs then please email or call us by Friday night and we will cut them in the morning when we pick veggies before Richard comes to market. Currently we have lots of sage, chocolate mint, regular mint, pineapple mint, oregano, rosemary, curly parsley and dill. $3.00 a bunch and not one of those stingy bunches you get in the supermarket either! There are also 2 large starter pots of pineapple mint available if anyone wants them, just let us know and Richard will bring them with him on Saturday. $8/pot.

Tina has also propagated some "Live Forever" plants. These plants are planted in ceramic pots and ready to go. Richard will be bring them with him to market on Saturday for anyone interested.

Eggs: Despite buying more chickens we are still selling every egg we have. Richard is working on the problem but for now it seems we are covering most of your needs at market. Don't forget you can buy our pullet eggs at Bean Haus in Covington and our regular eggs at Finkes in Park Hills and Summit Meats in Anderson township over the river. Both Finks and Summit also sell our Whole Cow ground beef. If you would like them to stock more of our products then please let them know. 

Salsa and Condiments: Many of you know we sell the Don Sabrosa salsa's, it is one of the very few things we sell that we don't actually produce on the farm. We are still stocking these excellent products but we also wanted to add in some others.

Recently we let you know our recipe for the "Brookhill Burger" which involved Colemans mustard. We are now are stocking this excellent product that Richard loves so much from his upbringing in the UK. He promises not to eat it all and to save some jars for you! As time goes on we intend to add one or two other condiments that accompany many of our meats so well. At all times we will strive to only bring in the best quality items that have been tried and tested by us and that we feel compliment our products. 


That's it for this week. Do let us know if you have any questions or requests for products. We do try to keep as much in as possible for you but we are always open to new requests.




Richard and Tina.



Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


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